Pin the Mustache Game

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Pin the Mustache Game - CUSTOM ITEM

This listing is for a CUSTOM digital printable poster. Nothing physical or editable will be shipped.
Please read all the description before purchasing.

β˜…β€’β€’β˜… HOW DOES THIS WORK? β˜…β€’β€’β˜…

1. Fill out the form with your details.

2. Upload the picture you want to include in your poster.
If you want to change the picture, you must place a new order.

3. Add the item to your cart and checkout to finalize your order.

4. You will receive your custom game files (poster and cutouts in JPG) in the email you wrote in the form.

5. Print your files in a print shop.

YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR ORDER THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY AFTER YOUR PAYMENT IS PROCESSED. Your files will be kept 15 days after the order was sent or less if we receive a confirmation message before, if you want to make any change or amendment after that period, a new order must be placed.

β˜…β€’β€’β˜… INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE β˜…β€’β€’β˜…

- A JPG file with the poster and a JPG file with the cutouts.

β˜…β€’β€’β˜… IMPORTANT β˜…β€’β€’β˜…

*This is a digital file and no physical items will be mailed to you.
*Colors may vary between online viewing and your actual printed product. All computer monitors display color differently as well as all printers print differently. So please take this into consideration when viewing your design.
*Refunds are not accepted, but please contact us if you have any problem with your order.

β˜…β€’β€’β˜… PERSONAL USE β˜…β€’β€’β˜…

As a client of PrinterFairy, we must remind you that your printable is only for personal use and should be used for its intended purpose. It should not be printed in higher quantities, resold, added to packages, given away or used for any other commercial purpose not listed here. This also refers to any partial usage, amendments or adjustments made after purchase.
If you require any information about this, please contact us.

Pin the Mustache Game