If you're reading this article is because you're looking for a little help organizing your little one's birthday party. To be honest, there's no science organizing a party, with just a little preparation your party will be a huge success!

In my opinion, the key of success of a birthday party is choosing a theme (color palette included) and choose all your decor, favors, activities, and even the menu! to match your theme. This is the kind of party everyone will talk about and remember ;).

But...where to start? It's simple! Choose your invitation first. The invite will set your party concept. Colors, style, define the theme...

The theme can be anything you like! A birthday party is a perfect ocassion to let all your creativity out, and if you like to DIY, there are a lot of things you can do. By the way, if you have an special theme on mind that you can't find anywhere, we can help you making it a reality! Just drop us a line with your special request. Custom orders are always welcome.

After you have decided your theme and invitations, you will need to take care of other preparations like venue, date, guests, cake,and menu. It sounds like a lot but if you plan ahead of time it's also fun!

We've prepared a simplified party planning checklist in pdf we hope you can take advantage of, in order to getting organized.

Simply download it here and happy planning!